About Me

Introducing myself in a matter of words isn’t difficult.

In essence, I’m a traveler – but I go by Rachel.

I’m curious, like you, I’m sure.

However, describing myself in just a few trivial words wouldn’t fully express all that I am. By saying “a traveler” I encompass all of the other attributes that I wear so proudly. As I said, I’m curious, but I’m also caring and outgoing. I enjoy unique cultural experiences, and I most certainly love learning. I crave stunning scenery and comfort, but I also love immersing myself in whatever community I’m in – whether I’m sleeping in a Berber tent in the desert or on the ground in a stranger’s house in Vietnam.

So, again, I’m a traveler – by any definition you want to take it – just don’t make me stay in the same place too long.

If you’re looking for a more extensive bio, I truly fell in love with exploring when I took a cruise to Alaska with my family. We stopped in Canada on the way back to Seattle, and I could never truly shake the feeling of being in a different country. I loved every aspect of being somewhere away from what I knew, so I continued to chase it as much as I could. I was able to travel through Europe as a teenager after significant fundraising and simply – I got hooked.

The travel bug bites hard, and quickly after I returned from Europe, I was looking on to the South Pacific. I’d always been mesmerized by Fiji in particular, but when we landed in Australia, I befriended our tour guide and in almost a movie-like fashion, I quickly had an epiphany that I needed to be involved in the travel industry.

Fast forward a few years and several trips later, and I’m studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at Johnson & Wales University. Though I wasn’t abroad, being surrounded by other passionate people and constantly talking about where to go next motivated me. I ended up studying abroad in Sydney, Australia for a year, and entirely fell in love with the concept of unfamiliarity and embracing my curiosity again.

During this time, I also discovered another passion – wine.

Because Johnson & Wales University is first and foremost a culinary school, and myself being naturally inclined to learn, I took an interest in their beverage programs – specifically the Sommelier minor. I suddenly found myself in a world of constant education and a passion I never even considered, yet shares so many overlapping features as my passion for the travel industry. And so, I continue to expand my education in the realm of wine and travel, being recently certified in Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) Award in Wines as well as beginning my trek towards earning my Masters of Science in Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development.

So, I hope you’ll join in my adventures, and in the spirit of being life-long learners, I hope you can gain some helpful knowledge along the way!

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